Are Surgical Skin Treatments Worth It?

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December 16, 2019
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A surgical skin treatment refers to any procedure which uses the techniques and principles that are focused entirely on improving the appearance of a patient. This may be anything from enhancing the symmetry of the face or beautifying the natural features of a person's body.

There are two types of skin treatments:

      These include all those procedures which do require a proper operation to be carried out. Patients may be given local anesthesia or sedation to reduce the pain. Common examples: contouring procedures such as rhinoplasty, all kinds of facial lifts and laser treatments

      These include all those procedures which do not require an operation. The recovery time is less and physical signs such as bruising are limited. Common treatments: chemical peels, injectable fillers such as Botox and, dermabrasion

Should you be opting for surgical skin treatment?

Not only is this the main topic of this blog but also an important question that everyone should answer before making the final decision to go for a surgical procedure. To comprehend it better, let's understand the basic reason why people decide to go for various but popular skin treatments:

      1. Facial rejuvenation
      The aging of the skin is natural. There is no way to fully prevent it. Facial rejuvenation procedures such as facelifts, eyelid lifts, neck lift, and brow lift all target the same problem; wrinkling and saggy skin which worsens as you age up. However, poor diet, stress, prolonged exposure to UV rays and even something as simple as getting angry a lot or crying excessively (unhealthy facial expressions can cause wrinkles on the face) can cause these symptoms prematurely.

      With proper care, change of habits and patience, not only is it possible to slow down the aging process drastically but also restore your youthful look. Therefore, considering facial rejuvenation treatments as the first option is a bad idea in every possible way. Apart from their atrocious costs (average price of a facelift in the U.S.A. revolves around $7,000 from a certified and professional surgeon), there are complications involved and things which may go completely wrong.

      That is not to say they are dangerous but just to point out that such procedures should be avoided as much as possible unless, of course, your life is profoundly affected by your appearance and your self-esteem and confidence are going down the drain.

      2. Acne scar removal
      Scar treatments are mostly done with the help of concentrated laser light. They may not be available to people who are light-sensitive or are users of blood-thinning medications (used by people suffering from high blood pressure). While it is not guaranteed that the scars will be completely removed by the treatment, the appearance does minimize greatly to the extent that it becomes negligible. Surgeons recommend taking at least 7-8 sessions, depending on the depth and intensity of the scar, before being able to see visible results on the skin.

      A single laser session, depending on the area and doctor's experience, may cost anything from a simple $200 to a hefty $3400. Complications are involved and may lead you permanently scarred if the laser's intensity is higher than what it should be. Therefore, consulting a certified and experienced surgeon is critical in this case. However, as we always recommend, going with the natural options is always better. A good diet free from excessive fats and starch, lots of water and meals full of vegetables are guaranteed to make your body's detoxification system better.

      This, in turn, will help the skin get the required nutrients and repair itself, slowly but surely. If you think your scars are too deep and nothing is working, it is much better to opt instead for a non-surgical procedure such as micro-needling which works by forcing your skin to enter the collagen synthesis mode.

      3. Skin whitening
      Whitening procedures use the help of an ablative laser (wounding laser) to remove the outermost layer of skin which may be filled with dead cells. This stimulates the growth of new cells, allowing you to have a lighter complexion. The costs of a skin whitening procedure vary from $600 to $3500 per session. Surgeons recommend a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 5 sessions to be able to see visible results on the skin.

      However, the procedure is known to have several complications involved. If your skin type is not right, going through such a treatment may cause permanent darkening (hyperpigmentation). You may also be prone to infections, blistering, redness or a life-long sensitivity to sunlight. Yes, it is indeed possible to become a living vampire if skin whitening procedure is carried out on the wrong skin type and done improperly.

      These types of procedures should be avoided at all costs. Beauty lies in the eyes of the perceiver and if you are not confident about your complexion, nobody else will find you beautiful either.

      4. Fractional resurfacing
      Resurfacing procedures can only be done by a wounding laser. The main objective is to treat minor flaws on the skin such as large pores, wrinkles, fine lines and eliminate scars by forcefully stimulating new cell growth. A wounding laser shoots pulsating beams on your skin, removing layers of the cell.

      The costs and side effects are like that of the skin whitening procedure since the same type of laser is involved. This process is not suitable for everyone as post-treatment care involves weeks of keeping your skin away from the UV rays of the sun. In addition, you may be prone to permanent redness or bruising if your skin-type is such that it is sensitive to scarring or takes a long time to heal.

When should one consider surgical skin treatment?

As always, prevention is better than cure. It is never too late to start giving your body the care it deserves. Should the need arise, you can always opt for non-surgical skin treatment. If that is not satisfying your needs, surgical treatments can be utilized but they should not be considered until all options including a year worth of good diet and regular skincare regime has failed.
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